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I thought I would learn it all and balance my life with my Mom’s sudden illness. I could handle it. Of course, I knew it would be hard and it was the right thing to do. The illness was an education, but it began to distract me from spending quality time with Mom. I had to pick up prescriptions and make arrangements for Doctors appointments, take care of her pets, and so on and so forth.

I hated it when I overheard her say to the Doctor, “I don’t want my daughter to have to do these things for me. I don’t want to get to the point when she has to help me in the shower or to the bathroom.” What was the alternative? I wanted her to want to live. I wanted her to be comfortable. My attitude was we’d get through it together.

It was sometimes awkward. It was sometimes overwhelming. I didn’t know there was help out there.

Help with just hygiene or errands would have afforded me more time to talk to my Mom. Really find out about her and who she was as a girl and who she was as a woman. I was so busy “helping” her. My Mom’s gone now.

We started this company to help people with their decisions. To help people spend more quality time with their loved ones. To help manage the mundane chores that, have to be done but, create anxiety for the family CareGiver and the person they are trying to care for.

My daughter and I worked in this industry and we were really concerned about the lack of care for the CareGiver as well. It all seemed so production line and quality matches were not the priority. A lot of jobs got filled alphabetically based on the schedule they could work. This wasn’t good for the Client or the CareGiver. We are building a more personal service oriented company. We pay CareGivers based on credentials and the level of care they provide. The Caregiver’s wellbeing is as important to us as the Client at home.


“But there are also unknown unknowns, the
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